Networking for Recruiters

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April 20, 2018
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65 Years of Changing Lives for the Better
December 16, 2019
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Networking for Recruiters

Toronto Recruiter Conference success story!

Yesterday was  a great day of sharing and collaboration between recruiters at the Toronto Recruiter Conference. The guest speakers have been outstanding along with the networking and handshaking amongst colleagues.

Over the past decades that I have been in the recruitment industry, I have rarely seen live regular recruiter networking events in the Canadian marketplace. 

Our industry is worth over $15 Billion Dollars in Canada but is yet still  highly fragmented with many firms operating with less then 5 employees and without collaboration. There are over 1,600 agencies and 9,000 recruiters in total across Canada 

This is the time to encourage all recruiters across Canada to come together more often and bring thought leadership to this fast growing industry.

As we all know, the word TEAM stands for Together Everybody Achieves More. 

So, here are 5 suggestions to network more and bring this industry closer as a community

  1. create a monthly social for recruiters to come together and share their success stories 
  2. Have suppliers from insurance to payroll funding to cell phone companies offering our industry discounted rates 
  3. For new recruiters we should have mentoring programs available to them delivered by senior recruiters
  4. A central website for Recruiting events by city or town
  5. Set up a monthly newsletter for recruiters to contribute 

Richard Fernandes
Richard C. Fernandes, is the Founder and CEO of The Staffing Exchange Inc., a Global Service Provider to the multibillion dollar Recruitment industry in conjunction with the Multiple Career Listing Service. With over 25 years of recruitment industry thought leadership, Mr. Fernandes has the distinction of being nominated by Ernst and Young for Entrepreneur of the year and has spent the last 14 years building the foundation for a new and improved recruitment industry that will create a greater experience for all stakeholders: The Candidate, the Client and The Recruiter. Mr.Fernandes is a compelling and dynamic speaker in person, television and on social media. He is highly sought after as a thought leader to the hidden job market and how it impacts jobseekers, recruiters and companies. He dedicates the balance of his time supporting many charitable causes and spending quality time with his family. A true visionary of the recruitment industry who is leading TSE to unprecedented growth here in North America and very soon the rest of the globe.

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