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The Staffing Exchange Inc.® (TSE) was established in 2001 to provide corporations with world-class human resource solutions.

Our target customers are companies who spend billions of dollars a year in recruiting fees to identify hard-to-find passive candidates - often with less than satisfactory results.

With a fast aging population and the need to find more cost-effective ways of identifying candidates who are committed to long term growth, demand for our services has never been greater.

Embracing the highest standards of quality and excellence in the areas of permanent and contract staffing, TSE’s customized solutions have been enhanced by the creation and implementation of a standardized approach to address client needs.

The Challenge Facing The Industry

The recruitment landscape has become a highly fragmented multi-billion dollar industry made up of thousands of smaller firms along with the Top 20 multinationals that control almost 50% of the total global revenues.

Loosening government regulations coupled with a lack of commitment to professionalism by the industry has resulted in human capital solutions that far too often fail to meet the expectations of all stakeholders.

The Staffing Exchange Inc.® intends to disrupt the recruitment industry through data ownership and the consolidation of recruiters.

The TSE Solution

The Staffing Exchange Inc.® has created and implemented a standardized shared services system, that is designed to deliver the highest level of professional standards and efficiency that enables corporations to make sound, qualified and intelligent business decisions.

The Staffing Exchange Inc.®(TSE) has established the platform as a service which also enables the TSE CareerBrokers® to establish ownership of client job order listings and candidate resumes on a cloud based database system.

Through training and rebranding recruiters as Career Brokers® and providing them with shared tools and resources, the shared platform will stimulate greater trading activity for the CareerBroker® and thus a greater piece of the multibillion dollar pie.

TSE has CareerBrokers® across North America that include a presence in all major cities. 

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