I’m employed. I’m not crazy about my job but it pays the bills. I’m afraid if I use social media to look for a position, my current employer may find out. How does TSE get around this issue?
The TSE business model was created to address your predicament by offering a process that doesn’t put you at risk. Over 70% of employees don’t like their jobs and would like to make a change but can’t see a way out. They feel trapped. The last thing they want is for their employer to learn about their job search. That’s where TSE comes in. Everything we do is confidential. Our CareerBroker® are trained professionals and equipped to FIND YOU. Once the first contact is made, everything after that is treated with total confidentiality.
I’ve heard about the so-called “hidden” job market? Can TSE help me get access to it?
Absolutely. And, make no mistake. The “hidden job” market IS real. There are many companies who prefer to keep some of job openings out of view to the general public. They do this for various reasons, but if you don’t have access to these jobs or aren’t even aware they exist, you certainly can’t interview for them. That’s where your TSE CareerBroker® can make all the difference. They are proactively working within the industry they specialize in - learning where the positions are along with what type of candidates offer the best fit. Chances are, when you first contact a CareerBroker®, he or she will have some potential opportunities in their “insider” databases.
In the past, when I’ve looked for a position, I’ve always seem to have to adapt to the position. In other words, I have to take what’s available - the good with the bad. How does the TSE process work?
We learn what you want and then we go looking for a position that fits you instead of simply searching what’s “out there”. Often, a company will be in the process of creating a new position. Our CareerBroker® are trained to uncover these opportunities in the early stages.
I’ve been told that I’m not the best when it comes to “selling myself.” Can TSE help with that?
Because our CareerBroker® are industry specialists, they know how to prime you for a successful interview - especially when it comes to resenting yourself in a compelling and interesting way. Way beyond questions such as “Where do you see yourself in five years?,” your CareerBroker® will likely know specific questions your interviewers will ask once you get on site. Think of it like knowing the exam questions prior to taking the exam.
Everybody wants the highest salary they can get. But not everyone is confident enough to ask for it. What’s the answer?
If you’re lacking in negotiating skills or fearful of asking for more money, a TSE CareerBroker® can be a great middleman and get you the salary you are worth and deserve. First off, as an industry specialist, he probably has a pretty good feel for the salary range for most positions. Armed with a clear understanding of you and your experience, he will be able to help you get a fair offer.

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