The candidate search process always seems to come down to a guessing game. How does TSE get around this problem?
The key is we start from a solid foundation. Without a formal process in place, it’s impossible to record all the details needed to make sure we find as close a match as possible for your needs. Our Job Listing puts you in position to identify candidates who are most suited to providing long-term value.
Looking for new employees is so time consuming. I also find it distracting. Every time I interview a prospect, I have to stop what I’m doing which results in a loss of momentum. What’s the answer?
Once TSE identifies suitable candidates that meet your requirements, we arrange with you to set up interviews all within a pre-determined block of time. This focused approach provides you with a process that doesn’t disrupt your day and allows for an efficient, productive process.
Identifying, hiring and training candidates is an expensive process - especially if the candidate leaves after a year or two. What’s the secret to finding loyal, long-term employees?
Our philosophy is to spend time upfront thoroughly assessing your needs and then proactively searching for a passive candidate who can meet them. Studies shows that 70% of passive employees - that is, people who are employed - are not happy with their jobs. Why? Because they took a job as a means to an end. Our TSE CareerBroker® are industry specialists who know what to look for when matching candidates to positions.
Based on my experience, I find many of the recruiters I work with don’t really understand the nuances of my industry. I seem to spend way too much time explaining how things work instead of focusing on the type of candidate we’re looking for. Why?
The recruitment industry has lowered the bar on hiring standards. De-regulation has opened the door to an influx of “new” recruiters who often have little or no experience in recruiting, never mind a specific your industry. Lack of training and a general philosophy leaves clients like yourself feeling frustrated. A TSE CareerBroker® is a trained professional who is focused on providing long-term value to clients.
Sometimes it seems I’m looking at the same resumes over and over again. What’s the reason for that?
Your recruiter is likely providing you with resumes of people who are actively looking for a job. In short, their resumes keep getting recycled through the system. At TSE, we focus on identifying passive candidates who may not be happy where they are but, feel trapped in their current job due to the transparency social media creates. The TSE model is built on confidentiality which allows us develop relationships “hidden” candidates and provide them with a practical way to find new opportunities.

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