Who owns the candidates and clients of The Staffing Exchange Inc.®?
You do! As long as you are with TSE, you retain ownership of all your clients and candidates.
I’ve heard that the earning potential of a TSE CareerBroker® offers advantages that traditional recruiter income model doesn’t. Is that true?
As a conventional recruiter, you’re essentially an employee. You make a sale, you get a one-time commission. As a TSE CareerBroker®, you share ownership of all candidates and clients. That means you get paid on every transaction involving your candidate and client base - for as long as you’re an active TSE CareerBroker®. And, our Shared Services Platform - the first of its kind in the recruitment industry. This opens up new markets and gives you additional opportunities.
What’s the advantage of becoming a TSE CareerBroker®?
The recruitment industry has staffed itself with a mixed bag of recruiters with varying degrees of experience, knowledge and motivation. Add in government deregulation that lowers the bar for anyone wanting to “try” their luck as a recruiter and you end up with jaded clients and candidates who are frustrated by what they perceive to be a general lack of competency and consistency. That’s where your golden opportunity lies! As a trained, certified TSE CareerBroker®, you will be able to easily differentiate yourself and create a compelling connection with clients and candidates.
Do I get training as a TSE CareerBroker®?
Yes - IF you successfully make it through our extensive screening process. We want to bring together the best of the best. Only top performers granted access to the Exchange. This is to ensure the highest degree of standards and excellence in the exchange. Our 4 day certified TSE CareerBroker® Training Program - which includes “online and in-the-field” instruction and support equips you with an extensive tool chest of skills that relate to selling, marketing, researching and negotiating to name a few. Upon completion, you will have a certified professional designation that sends a clear message to clients and candidates - you’re serious about your career.
Are there protected territories? Do I need to be located in a large metropolitan area?
There are no territorial restrictions. Using our database as a hub, you will be contacting employers and prospective employees throughout North America and beyond, and will be able to operate your TSE CareerBroker® recruiting business anywhere there’s an internet connection.

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