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Sick of letting tired job postings dictate your future. At TSE, youre in charge. You set the terms. You lay out the ground rules.
Then, you let your personal TSE CareerBroker® make it happen.

How A TSE CareerBroker® Stacks the Odds In Your Favour

Your TSE CareerBroker® is an industry specific expert - not a general recruiter who could be looking to place a computer programmer one day and a marketing person the next.

Their activity is driven by what YOU want. And, they are proactive.  Your TSE Careerbroker® makes things happen.


  • Senior Lead
    I have worked as a Recruiter for over 30 years. In that time I have started with 7 recruiting firms. Richard and Patty have presented the best and most thorough orientation I have ever had. It is always great to review and to learn new ideas just like in many professions ie Teachers Nurses Doctors Lawyers . This orientation has given me a boost of excitement. Can’t wait to start my calls on Monday.
    Senior Lead
    TSE Victoria
  • Joel Schellenberg
    Jana is professional and trustworthy with her clients. She possesses a sound understanding of her role in facilitating professional relationships between prospective employers and recruits. I found Jana to be accessible, personable, intuitive and highly recommend her services.
    Joel Schellenberg
    Candidate, March, 2016

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