The #1 Problem With Being a “Cookie-Cutter” Recruiter

Loosened regulations and a willingness by the industry to hire recruiters who lack industry knowledge have created a “bad taste”in the mouths of clients and candidates.
Why? They are tired of working with inexperienced amateurs who waste their time and money by sending them a parade of unqualified prospects.
For you, that’s a problem because you get lumped in with the rest.
But it doesnt have to be that way.

All The Benefits of Being A TSE CareerBroker®
- Without The Grind of A Daily Commute

Under the current traditional industry model, a career as an independent recruiter is filled with challenges.

For some, the lack of a large enough personal network makes a viable income impossible. Others suffer from lack of awareness due to little or no branding and marketing. Recruitment tools for individuals can be costly. And back office expenses? For many, these can be a game stopper.

That’s how it still is - under the old system.

But there’s a new way of remote recruiting that’s quickly elbowing its way to the front of the line!

Imagine being able to…

…work from home, office or any remote location…

…maintain ownership of your clients and candidates…

…have unlimited access to state-of-the art back-office resources…

AND…earn a more deserving piece of the pie!

The TSE CareerBroker® model…

Web-based technology has completely eliminated the need to spend time, money and aggravation associated with heading to a bullpen or corporate staffing offices each and every morning.

The Staffing Exchange Inc.® (TSE) has created a home-based recruitment division equipped with ALL the resources needed to recruit for businesses, charge the business a fee for the service and develop a profitable, thriving career.

Here’s the part - it’s a business model designed to fit around you, your family life and the commitments that come with that.

Maybe you need a steady income. Perhaps you have mobility restrictions. Could be you want to pursue an interest or hobby that won't cover your commitments financially.

Maybe you want to be your own boss and take control of your future!

  • David Stevens
    Why do I work at TSE? One word: Freedom. I'm free to make my own schedule, and my office is anywhere I want it to be. I can go into Head Office for a real bullpen experience, or I can answer emails from the top of Whistler, or while sitting on the beach! I'm also free to choose what kind of Career Broker I want to be - I can spend my time on business development, working with clients, or I can do the opposite, and spend my time recruiting and working with candidates. Need another reason? We also have a management team that is committed to providing the best technology and training available, and every resource we could possibly need to succeed.  
    David Stevens
  • Melissa Ramos
    Working with TSE has changed my life and the way I view my own career.  I have such a good balance between family and work while still being able to pursue ambitious goals. We all work as a team and support each other as a team.  Every one of us is always willing to help and provide guidance when needed.  The best part is being able to go as far as I decide to go, and knowing that I am building a career and not just doing a job.  I have found a place where everybody is as passionate as I am, making it the best environment for me to thrive.

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