The staffing and recruitment industry in North America is at a crossroads.
Over the past decade, the Global Staffing Industry valued at over $400 billion with thousands of staffing firms and tens of thousands of recruiters has experienced extensive economic turbulence and technological change.
A sharp decline in regulation has intensified the instability within an already highly fragmented industry.

The TSE Solution - A two-pronged approach

The Staffing Exchange Inc.® (TSE) founded in 2001 and based out of Toronto, Canada with a national and global reach has taken the necessary steps to establish a national standard of excellence for the recruitment industry through the launch of the TSE Shared Services Platform.

The leadership team at TSE has established best practices to improve the staffing industry’s image and facilitate a streamlined process through the use of state-of-the-art technology.

As part of its vision,TSE has also developed a formal training program for recruitment specialists and has rebranded staffing professionals through their trademarked term - CareerBroker®.

Transforming The Industry

TSE Founder & President, Richard C. Fernandes, has played a leadership role in the Canadian staffing industry for over 24 years and has been committed to implementing a high level of professionalism and standardization of the industry.

The TSE Shared Services Platform is based on the premise that the staffing industry can grow more effectively when it is interdependent.

The TSE Shared Services Platform allows each TSE CareerBroker® the ability to list their client’s openings and candidates’ profiles for other CareerBroker® to create an environment of collaboration.

The TSE Shared Services Platform makes each CareerBroker® a partner in the system for their personal growth, the growth of other CareerBroker® and the economic viability of the industry.

This centralized approach benefits all stakeholders - Clients, CareerBroker® and candidates.

The TSE Shared Services Platform upholds strong codes of competency and ethical standards to a strict code of competency and ethical standards.

“We want to promote behaviour and knowledge that raises the status of CareerBroker® to that of other professionals such as lawyers, accountants and other advisors so that the public understands that they can rely and trust in us,” - Richard Fernandes, TSE Founder & President

The TSE Shared Services Platform Benefits

  • Operational online 24/7 for flexibility
  • Centralized listing of candidates and clients for easy access
  • National network expands opportunities

CareerBroker® Benefits

  • Certification Course creates a professional standard
  • Ongoing TSE training programs ensure proficiency
  • Centralized systematic billing and invoicing system for easy tracking
  • Contract and temporary funding

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