6 Proven Strategies to Hire Executive Talent in the Manufacturing Industry

staffing exchange 65 years of changing lives for better
65 Years of Changing Lives for the Better
December 16, 2019
staffing exchange 65 years of changing lives for better
65 Years of Changing Lives for the Better
December 16, 2019
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While the North American Manufacturing industry is a cornerstone of economic vitality, identifying and hiring apt executive talent continues to be a challenge for many companies. Having 20+ years of hands-on experience in Manufacturing recruitment, our CareerBrokers have compiled 6 proven strategies that can help you hire the executive talent you need.

1) Expand Your Network and Industry Connections
Networking with industry professionals and passive candidates plays an important role in recruiting executives. In fact, this LinkedIn survey indicates that 85% of all jobs are filled through networking. Our experienced team of CareerBrokers has experienced this too.

Our team has also witnessed that qualified executive-level candidates like VP of Operations, Plant Managers, Production Managers, and Maintenance Directors are found through networking.

2) Collaborate with Executive Search Firms
If you want to save time and hire a qualified candidate, partner with an executive search firm. Executive search firms like The Staffing Exchange Inc. have robust networks of passive candidates which is why they can introduce you to the most eligible candidates.

A report by the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC) suggests that 60% of manufacturing companies use executive search firms to fulfil senior positions.

3) Develop Compelling and Visible Employer Brand
Having a compelling and visible employer brand is essential for grabbing attention of top-tier executive talent. Your employer brand builds trust amongst people. It also conveys your organizational culture to executive-level candidates.

A LinkedIn study shows 72% of job seekers pay attention to the employer’s brand even before even before applying to their job. In order to build your employer brand, highlight your company’s case studies, career progression stories of candidates, future plans and potential, employees’ testimonials, and industry awards.

4) Craft Irresistible Compensation Packages
Companies typically have salary ranges for almost all roles. However, it is imperative to craft irresistible compensation packages for senior roles. That also means you need to be flexible with compensation packages when you consider hiring for a senior role. To craft a competitive compensation package, it is important to have a comprehensive know-how of the market value of the role, market trends, and industry standards. Apart from this, consider doing a survey on perks, benefits, and bonuses. Using these steps, you can create a competitive compensation package for the right candidates.

5) Create Effective Succession Planning Strategy
Succession planning is imperative to attract qualified executive-level candidates. This strategy also helps candidates get “psychological safety” and can clearly see their growing career path. Besides hiring top talent, this strategy can help your company in many other ways, including mitigating leadership gaps, retaining top performers, and improving company’s performance.

6) Focus on Diversity and Inclusion
Diversity and inclusion are important aspects of a hiring process. Keep your shortlisted candidates updated with status on their application throughout the process. With 20+ years of experience in the industry, we can say that this culture helps companies hire best-fit candidates for senior roles without making any biased decisions.

Hiring executive talent in the manufacturing industry requires a multifaceted approach. These strategies, supported by industry data and best practices, provide a comprehensive framework for successfully navigating the complexities of executive recruitment in the manufacturing sector. If you’re looking to hire proven executives for your team, please reach out to us at info@staffingexchange.com

Craig Martin
Craig, a born entrepreneur brings over 20 years of management and leadership experience to the team. Since the fruition of the internet Craig dreamed of one day working from anywhere.... the end of a dock in cottage country or the top of a snow capped mountain. It was only natural for Craig to create and lead the growth of the Mobile CareerBroker Model within The Staffing Exchange Inc.® and now leading the strong "TSE Go Mobile" brand and its unprecedented growth across North America. Craig's strengths in team building, coaching and mentorship as well as being an accomplished motivational speaker will certainly support TSE's global disruption of the recruitment industry.

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